Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung and with it, lots of sunshine and warm weather we all enjoy! This time of year poses many potential dangers to our feathered friends, even those that stay strictly indoors. 

This time of year invites family, friends, and children over after spring cleaning has commenced. Many are running in and out of your house to take advantage of the weather; where is your bird amongst all this coming and going? Many birds are lost each year, and not just those that get to go outside. Doors that are opened for even a second can be an opening for your bird to fly outside. 

But my bird has clipped wings! you might say. Even birds with clipped wings can still fly to a certain extent. If a bird is spooked or is trying to follow a favorite person, they could fly right over your head and out the door. Getting them back can be nearly impossible as an indoor bird may panic once outside in the big world, and can fall victim to predators such as hawks or wind up low to the ground near traffic.


Enjoying the view!

Windows also pose a danger this time of year. While many curtains may be drawn during the winter, open windows or those with the shades drawn up can be fatal to indoor birds. Make sure your birds are aware that clear glass is not an opening to the outside, or they could injure themselves flying in to the window.

A great way to prevent this possible accident is to have desirable perching areas in front of the windows. This way your bird has somewhere fun to sit, eat, and play while taking advantage of the great view outside! 

Despite the possible dangers, spring is an invigorating time of year. Your feathered kids will love the new found sunshine pouring in to your home. Don’t forget to give them a great view with some of this fresh air, they enjoy this as much as the rest of us!